Why become a contractor or supplier to ATHABASCA?

Athabasca Oil Corporation is committed to building and maintaining sustainable, long-term relationships with our contractors and suppliers. As a key element of project execution, contract success is an important factor in achieving the Athabasca vision.

Athabasca wants to work cooperatively/collaboratively and build a viable and reliable relationship with skilled contractors and suppliers. Our current and future activities depend on both small and large companies, and Athabasca believes that cooperation and interaction is essential to produce the energy we need for the future. Athabasca will do this by providing both existing and potential contractors and suppliers with a proper overview of our projects and their work scopes and striving for openness and predictability to enable the contractors and supplier companies to invest in expertise, capacity, technology, and local presence.

Recognizing that a significant amount of work is conducted by contractors on its behalf, Athabasca prefers that those contractors selected to work for Athabasca are either local or have a strong local presence, where practicable. It is important that the contractors to whom Athabasca awards work have the same level of commitment to our key stakeholder groups as we do. In addition to the work directly provided by the contractor, meaningful sub-contracting opportunities for qualified local, regional, and aboriginal contractors should be sought in an effort to build local capacity, grow their businesses and participate in our contracts while leading in safety, performance, competitive cost and quality.


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