Contractor and Supplier Management

Contractor and Supplier Management

The Athabasca procurement process is based on a competitive proposal process and on the principles of transparency, non-discrimination, and equality in the evaluation of all submitted proposals. It is essential that Athabasca performance is among the best in its field, therefore to be a preferred supplier and partner with Athabasca, its contractors and suppliers must also be among the best in their field.

Athabasca requires its Contractors to maintain and provide documentation supporting their legal status, WCB compliance and that they meet Athabasca’s minimum insurance, which includes:

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance Certificate with a minimum coverage of $5M
  2. Automobile Insurance Certificate with a minimum coverage of $2M
  3. Other insurances as appropriate to the services being provided

Athabasca is to be added to the above certificates as an additional insured.

Should you wish to be considered as an Athabasca contractor or supplier, please contact


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