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Dover West

The Dover West area is approximately 240,000 acres (net) of stacked sand and carbonate reservoirs and located 90 kilometres northwest of Fort McMurray.

Dover West Sands

The Dover West Sands is a SAGD development in the McMurray and Wabiskaw oil sands. It is a very large resource base with 87 million bbl of probable reserves and ~2.8* billion bbl of contingent resource.

Dover West Sands Project 1 is planned as a 12,000 bbl/d SAGD operation. Engineering and development plans progressed during 2013, and Athabasca completed the construction of a 64-kilometre-long, all-season access road to the site.

Dover West Carbonates

The Company’s bitumen-rich Leduc Formation – originally formed as a coral reef and characterized today by excellent porosity and permeability – is expected to utilize Thermal Assisted Gravity Drainage (“TAGD”), an innovative production technology employing downhole conduction heaters.

At December 31, 2013, an independent reserves and resources review, employing the industry-proven SAGD production technology, estimated that Athabasca’s Leduc carbonate trend contains 16.7 billion bbl of petroleum initially in place (of which 11.6 billion bbl is discovered) and 3.0 billion bbl of contingent resource (best estimate).

In 2012/2013, Athabasca’s “proof of concept” field tests delivered all of their objectives, confirming that the TAGD production technology could effectively heat the reservoir and mobilize bitumen to a production well.

Three TAGD production phases were conducted at Dover West during 2012/2013 – the technology successfully mobilized bitumen at lower temperatures than those utilized in the SAGD production process. During these production phases, bitumen was mobilized at an estimated 70 to 90 °C, and 60 to 70 percent of the bitumen heated to greater than 80 °C was recovered. The conduction heating cables were fully operational throughout the field tests. Data obtained during the field tests have enabled Athabasca to model the deployment of this innovative production technology, simulating the production performance of a commercial TAGD project.

In 2013, Athabasca completed construction of its Heater Assembly Facility (“HAF”) near Strathmore, Alberta. The Company drilled a horizontal and a vertical well at the HAF, and assembled a downhole heater prototype.


Dover West Sands

  • 87 million bbl of probable reserves and ~2.8* billion bbl of contingent resources.

Dover West Carbonates

  • TAGD field tests demonstrated “proof of concept” for this innovative production technology, mobilizing bitumen to a production well;
  • 3.0 billion bbl of contingent resources (best estimate), based upon using SAGD production technology (at December 31, 2013);
  • 16.7 billion bbl petroleum initially in place of which 11.6 billion bbl is discovered (at December 31, 2013).

* Based on GLJ contingent resource best estimate of 2,957 million bbl as at December 31, 2013 less internal estimate of divestment of 189 million bbl.






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