Corporate responsibility is an Athabasca commitment to conduct business in a manner that is fiscally, environmentally, and socially responsible.

At Athabasca, respect and understanding for the natural processes inherent to our operating areas is a fundamental component to sustainably developing Alberta’s resources. We plan to build and develop our resources with the end in mind; reclaiming the land to its natural capability.

The key principles we’ve identified for minimizing our impact include:

Respect the Environment

  • Understand the ecological systems in which we operate and how we can minimize our physical footprint.
  • Develop sound environmental policies and procedures that support our business and reflect the values of our stakeholders.

Responsible Water Usage

  • Apply the principles of sustainability in our approach to water consumption.

Support Land Reclamation

  • Continue our construction practices that support natural regeneration and assist in final reclamation.
  • Ensure development and production operations minimize potential environmental risks such as spills and leaks.
  • Maintain our commitment to reclaim abandoned wellsites, pipelines and roads in a timely manner.

Manage Air Emissions

  • Continue our progressive strategy to advance sustainable technologies.
  • Identify engineering opportunities to build low carbon and energy efficient facilities.
  • Maintain data management systems that generate reliable, accurate, and verifiable data.

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