Safety At Work

Athabasca is committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and secure workplace while also minimizing our environmental footprint. Our commitment to safety means that we don’t just give safety equal status with other business practices; we actually show workers that we care about their safety.

We believe all incidents are preventable. The health and welfare of all those employees and contractors who work on our sites and touch our business, is important to Athabasca.

Our Safety Priorities for employees and contractors:

  • Safety begins with a leadership commitment, that is, leaders demonstrating our safety culture and engaging in open dialogue with the employees and contractors doing the work.
  • Developing a non-punitive culture that fosters the positive interventions required to stop incidents before they happen. 
  • Take the time to identify and eliminate or manage the hazards in the task at hand.  Time and production never supersede doing the job safely.

Through a proactive leadership approach, we seek to create an atmosphere of ownership; we encourage and expect intervention regarding safety to prevent injuries.

We strive to support a culture where employees make a conscious decision to go above and beyond to ensure Athabasca is a safe place to work.  Our end goal is ensuring all those who work on Athabasca properties get home safely every day.

Athabas​ca 24 hr Emergency Number: 1-877-235-9233

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