Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations

Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations

Athabasca’s approach to developing and maintaining strong stakeholder, Aboriginal, and community relationships starts with creating comprehensive, two-way communications and sharing timely and accurate information.

Athabasca Oil Corporation is committed to honest, transparent on-going dialogue with the communities, local residents and stakeholder groups in the areas that we operate.

Athabasca recognizes that community and stakeholder engagement activities continue throughout the life of projects planned within our lease areas. As we continue to develop our assets, we work to establish long-term relationships with stakeholders and communities. Athabasca is committed to:

  • Engaging in meaningful dialogue about our activities,
  • Being a proactive member in the community, and
  • Respecting cultural differences within the communities where we are operate.

Our community engagement strategies are based on principles of mutual respect, understanding, trust and benefit. These strategies are designed to meet five objectives:

  • Provide communities and stakeholders with timely and accurate information that meets their needs.
  • Identify community and stakeholder issues, concerns and ideas and provide feedback on how their input is considered in our development plans to reduce or mitigate potential impacts on the community and the environment.
  • Provide communities and stakeholders with opportunities to provide comments on company activities that may impact them.
  • Build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbouring communities and stakeholders.
  • Identify and participate in sustainable mechanisms that contribute to the quality of life for people living and working in the regions in which Athabasca operates.

The approach to community and stakeholder engagement is designed to enhance understanding of community and stakeholder issues, identify options for their resolution and provide the foundation for appropriate choices for the future.

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